About 1ov3 Collection® Clothing

The 1ov3 Collection® Clothing brand was launched in May, 2014. Our goal is to bring the awareness of having gratitude worldwide. 1ov3 Collection® Clothing (pronounced One Love Collection) is a collection of quality clothing reflecting positivity with resilience acknowledging gratitude for life. We believe in observing life from a more optimistic view as opposed to a pessimistic one. 1ov3 originated from what we know in society as the most powerful principle, this being LOVE. Love takes on various meanings in the world today, this in turn gave birth to our lifeline brand, 1ov3 Collection® Clothing signifying gratitude for life.

1ov3 Collection® Clothing reminds us to always have gratitude for the three most valuable blessings in life. Every individual in the world from the Ukraine to the USA, has his or her own significant blessings within. If death comes in threes, then our question is why can’t life? We challenge each individual to reflect upon his or her own personal experiences in relation to life, and then to acknowledge his or her own three blessings that are unique to each person.